Corporate legal relations






Corporate legal relations are regulated by the Ukrainian Constitution, Civil Code of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine On Business Associations and On Joint Stock Companies, by-laws of the Securities and Stock Market State Commission with regard to regulation of corporate legal relations in joint stock companies.

Main areas of activities of our company include:

Securities transactions

Legal support of securities transactions, including transactions with bills;

Legal support of issue of securities and provision of services for registration of securities offerings, registration of reports on offering (public, private) of securities;

Provision of legal services in case of termination of securities turnover and cancellation of shares issue;

Representation of the clients in the Securities and Stock Market State Commission and its territorial offices.

Legal support of investment activity

Consulting regarding investment, procedure for return of investments, profit earned by investor, compliance with the requirements of procedure for foreign investment, currency control;

Opening of investment accounts;

Registration of foreign investments.