Debt recovery






Credit relations between people and, as a result, conflicts related to repayment of money, have always been one of the integral parts of our life. Usually, conflict situations arise because of two reasons Ц regular economic recessions and unfair practices of business partners.

Many companies and individuals face disputable and conflict situations regarding debts recovery. Often, if amount is small, the injured party prefers to forget about debt. But so far as large amounts are concerned, it makes sense to gain support of an experienced lawyer.

Debt recoveryDebt recovery includes:

search of information of a debtor, assessment of the debtorТs financial condition;

analysis of documents and further strategy development;

pre-trial recovery of debt Ц negotiations with a debtor on repayment of debt;

judicial settlement of debt disputes (all over Ukraine) (making and filing action, legal defence);

repayment of debt via enforcement service;

debt recovery has also other legal arrangements.

Legal firm OMECO specializes in:

recovery of accounts receivable;

recovery of debt for delivered goods, service, performed works;

repayment of debt under loan agreement;

recovery of debt under receipt;

recovery of debt in the form of penalties;

ecovery of alimony payments from parents (children);

other recovery of debts.

Lawyers of our company have great experience in representation of the clients in the courts of Ukraine regarding debt recovery.

Competence and individual approach to each case characterize work style of employees of our firm.

We will help you to make actions and draw up agreements for recovery of debts!

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