Drawing up agreements






Drawing up agreementsAgreemen t is a document regulating relations between business entities. Accuracy and correctness during drawing up agreement minimizes risk of loss in the form of actual loss, penalties, loss of profit, legal costs, etc. Contractual work is very important in commercial activity. It’s not enough to use standard form to make a correct agreement (contract). Preparation of a certain draft agreement is a creative process based on a particular situation, as well as lawyer experience. Text of agreement is a result of compromise of the parties reached during negotiations. Therefore, we advise to use services of professionals.

Incorrectly made agreement can result in impossibility to receive payment (or receipt of goods in time, qualitative and well-timed performance of works/services), problems during signing of acceptance and delivery documents in future. Correctly made agreement is your guarantee against judicial settlements in future, mechanism of settlement of any disputes.

Our company will help you to determine what legal form must be used to conclude agreement with a contractor to reach the desired result, to determine essential terms and conditions of agreement, and to draw your attention to certain agreement provisions, such as term of agreement, liability of the parties and other specific details of agreements.

Experienced lawyers of our company will conduct a detailed analysis of the agreement provided by Client to determine compliance with the requirements of current legislation, decrees and orders of the central and regional authorities. Professional consultant will take the client into details regarding financial and legal risks in the agreement, methods to protect own business from possible adverse effects.

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