Family disputes






Sometimes things in our married life go by contraries. Unfortunately, many families face such unpleasant situations as divorce, division of property, termination of parental rights, etc. Therefore, assistance of qualified lawyers often becomes useful in this seemingly private matter.

Our legal company has Attorneys and Lawyers being experts in Family law and having wide experience of successful settlement of complicated legal problems related to Family law:

Family disputes

conduction of divorce proceedings without your presence;

settlement of problem regarding division of jointly acquired property on a voluntary basis (making agreement for division of property, notarization);

division of jointly acquired property in a judicial procedure;

recovery of alimony payments;

settlement of disputes related to bringing up and support of children in a judicial procedure;

establishment (dispute) of paternity fact;


preparation of draft amicable agreements and their approval in the court;

drawing up agreement: for division of property of spouses, procedure for bringing up children, payment of alimony for support of children, spouse, other family members, etc.