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Safety is one of the main ingredients of your success in work!

Expert legal support will give you confidence in the future in the context of frequently changing legislation and unstable economic environment.

Our task is to foresee, plan and protect business owners.

Often, legal procedures result in substantial waste of money and time. We will help you to save both, and provide competent legal assistance in search for the best advantageous solutions.

We have individual approach to each client, and each your problem is NOT A PROBLEM, but OUR ISSUE, which will be settled based on a long experience and multiple approach to its solution.

We will provide:

Legal support in state registration, reorganization, liquidation of business entities:

  • Preparation of documents and support in registration of enterprises;
  • Support in introduction of amendments into constituent documents of a legal entity;
  • Support in liquidation of a legal entity, etc..

Representation of customers in the courts of Ukraine

  • Study of documents and preparation of opinion regarding a problem with indication of possible ways for future actions;
  • Preparation of claims and letters;
  • Preparation of a statement of claim;
  • Making applications and motions;
  • Preparation of appeals and cassation appeals.

Consulting in the field of administrative procedures, including licensing, certification procedures, etc.

  • Obtaining permits (licenses);
  • Introduction of amendments into permits (licenses);
  • Renewal of permits (licenses), etc.

Conduction of contractual work, participation in negotiations at all stages of contractual relations

  • Legal analysis of future draft and current agreements concerning their compliance with laws and identification of risks for a customer, as well as development of actions for minimization of such risks.
  • We will provide you with actual assistance in organization of activities of your company and make additional opportunities for successful business development.
  • We hope to see you among our clients and provide all above legal services.