Obtaining licenses






Obtaining licensesMany types of activity performed in the territory of the Russian Federation, are considered to be legal only if contractor has corresponding permission documentation Ц license.

To obtain a license for a certain type of activity of your company, it is necessary to prepare in advance a set of necessary documents approved subject to the procedure of obtaining a license of such type, which must be submitted to corresponding government institutions.

If you are director of enterprise for activities of which you need a license, before you need to be acquainted with procedure for obtaining licenses. If itТs difficult for you to obtain a license due to lack of time or you need to obtain a license within a prescribed period, then itТs better to entrust obtaining a license to professionals.

OMECO provide services for obtaining various licenses. During its successful activities our company has gained wide experience and established close cooperation with licensing authorities of Ukraine, which allows you to obtain a license with our company in the shortest possible time. Besides, we offer you to obtain licenses on the best terms for you.