Registration, re-registration of companies






There are many possible legal forms of business organization in Ukraine (sole proprietor, private enterprise, limited liability company, joint stock company, etc.). Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Specialists of our company will give you competent consulting support in selection of a legal organizational form of a new business or formulation of your initiatives in non-profit activities, and will take all registration actions, including preparation of required documents, procurement of approvals and other permits, on a timely basis and in a professional manner.

For this purpose, we develop draft constituent documents of your selected legal organizational form, arrange notarization of constituent documents, take all actions required for state registration of your business and its registration in tax authorities, statistical authorities, authorities of pension fund and all social security funds.

We are glad to support you in the following matters:

Selection of a proper legal organizational form of a legal entity and types of activity.
Selection of the best taxation system for you activity (general, simplified, fixed tax).
Registration of commercial legal entities (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, private enterprises, etc.).
Registration of non-profit organizations (funds, unions, associations, etc.).
Registration of a sole proprietor.
Registration of banks, credit unions, pawnbrokers.
Licensing of financial services.
Registration of insurance and leasing companies, securities dealers.
Certification of experts.
Registration of asset management companies.
Documentation and state registration of re-organization of legal entities (merger, acquisition, division, separation).
Receiving additional seals, stamps, legalization of use of facsimile.
Introduction of amendments into constituent documents of legal entities and their state registration.
Introduction of amendments related to change of name, place of residence, type of activity into certificate of sole proprietor.
Development of alternative schemes for business liquidation.
Liquidation of companies with bad debts.