Representation in the court






Legal representation serves to ensure exercise of rights of citizens and legal entities to legal defence to obtain more favorable decision, provide assistance in exercise of rights, and to prevent violations of rights during judicial proceedings.

Specialists of OMECO represent interests of client in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction in all authorities.

Representation in the courtService Legal representation may include:

formation of legal view with regard to case;

preparation and submission of statement of claim;

preparation and submission of application;

preparation and submission of revocation;

preparation of draft amicable agreement;

preparation of other documents required for judicial defence of procedural interests of client;

preparation to judicial proceedings;

direct participation of a representative in judicial proceedings at all stages;

preparation and submission of appeals, cassation appeals, supervisory appeals;

receipt of a judicial decision.

Participation of a competent lawyer will greatly reduce your timing budgets, financial expenses and possibility of stress situations.

It should be noted that sometimes early resort to legal assistance determines outcome of the case.