Tax disputes






Tax disputesTax dispute an appeal against deeds of tax authorities, acts (omissions), resolutions of officials of tax authorities is a form of defense of a taxpayers rights and interests. Right of defense is a possibility of individual fixed by legislation to use protective measures for the purpose of restoration of violated right and suppression of actions violating its rights, and to compensate economic loss inflicted by illegal acts of a tax authority, its official or another state authority.

Lawyers of our company, serving economic interests of client, provide:

representation of interests and out-of-court settlement of a tax dispute in tax authorities,

appeal against deeds of tax authorities related to tax and penalty charges, resolutions on bringing to tax or administrative responsibility, in tax authorities and higher tax authorities,

representation of clients interests in the courts of first, appeal and cassation instance,

development and application of schemes for tax optimizations (tax schemes).

We offer legal services on the best terms to our clients. Highly skilled employees are aware of the latest changes of tax legislation and legal practice of use of regulations, allowing, taking into account considerable experience of interaction with employees of tax authorities and arbitrations courts, to solve almost all problems of a tax dispute with success. Consultation is provided, which gives a possibility for a taxpayer to estimate prospects to solve problems and develop further actions together with our lawyers. Cost of our services is more than reasonable, therefore not only large companies can use them, but representatives of small business as well.